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Werner Ehrhardt - Conductor
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Werner Ehrhardt, from Cologne, frequently appears as a guest conductor with orchestras on the international stage. He studied historical performance practice under Sigiswald Kuijken in Brussels, Belgium, and conducting under Professor Karl-Heinz Bloemeke in Detmold, Germany. Perpetual curiosity and a pronounced interest in different ways of approaching music led him to continue intensive study under Kato Havas at Oxford and Professor Renate Peter in Cologne. As the artistic director of the world renowned Concerto Koeln chamber orchestra from 1985 to 2005, Werner Ehrhardt developed a characteristic style of interpretation based on historical performance practice. He founded l’arte del mondo in 2004 and turned to traditional orchestras as well. He has since given highly acclaimed performances with numerous international opera, symphony, and chamber orchestras, including the orchestra of the Stuttgart State Opera, the Berlin Konzerthaus Orchestra, the Bern Symphony Orchestra, the Hamburg Symphonic Orchestra, Capriccio Basel, the Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra, the Neuss German Chamber Academy, and the Geneva Chamber Orchestra.

He has also worked with soloists such as Daniel Hope, Magdalena Kozena, Barbara Hendricks, Christine Schaefer, Eva Mei, Andreas Scholl, Olli Mustonen, Christiane Oelze, and Thomas Zehetmair. Werner Ehrhardt’s recordings include more than 40 CDs that have won many international awards, including the Echo Classic Prize in 2007.