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The conductor is dancing
...of course, the audience was familiar with the custom of not applauding between movements. This night, however, enthusiasm gained the upper hand over countenance. Each and every aria, even a tambourine solo, was honoured immediately by great applause - not to speak of the finale which had to be repeated several times...


Handel's oriental excursion fact, this opera does not even exist... but these three outstanding artists filled every moment of it with electrifying excitement...which resulted in overwhelming applause...


...Orient and Occident have never musically interacted as in this concert... Werner Erhardt conducted the baroque orchestra L'arte del mondo as well as the turkish Pera ensemble. Surprisingly, the common musical elements exceeded the differences by far...


...Still, both musical parties showed strong individual characteristics. The question whether a "universal music culture" exists has never been answered more convincingly. No, it does not. And it's good this way...